Is social media here to stay?

30 Nov


Is social Media here to stay? Or is it just another illusion of the technology revolution? Are we going to talk about it ten years from now? Social Media is the new big thing out and just like CDs and Betamax in the past, social media have the risk to disappear. Other Social Media network websites like MySpace and Friendster have failed to make a bigger impact in society. What guarantees new sites like Twitter and Facebook to be successful? Maybe is because they have been out in the market for almost a decade. During this time, social media have influenced people’s way to interact and ways to think. The other reason might be that both websites are revolutionizing people’s lives. 

I think Social Media will run people’s life. I think social media will be the new way to meet people, social media is already an important thing when you’re trying to get a job. For me social media is here to stay for a while. Until something better or more innovated comes out, social media will influence people’s lives. 


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